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In the Works: Feyfolk #1


They were merry.
They were gay.
They danced circles around the night for during the day they could not play,
Not forever.

Soojung loved her sister. She loved her with her small hands speckled with dirt. She loved her with every wish she made to let time pass by. She loved her with every shoot of a plant that waved out of the ground. With every sprout of a stem, leaves in bundles and finally, – ever so slowly, so carefully – a bud of hope.

She would always wait with patience, her toes squirming, eyes peeled and unblinking but not long after she would tire, let her thoughts wander and her attention turns. She’d find shells of fallen acorns and conkers that hadn’t been collected by the critters or the creatures of the forest; she always left the best ones for them, anyway. These gems became jewelries and little trinkets. Next came two sets of daisy chains for crowns and the grassy meadow became the kingdom.

The royal guards were ants and the bees her dragons. They were not to frighten the villagers and common bug folk but they were hard workers. All preparations were made, decorations laid out and half a piece of bread for the feast. They would share the food amongst themselves and they’d offer their queen some for her plate. But she would decline politely and correct them; she was the princess, not the queen and one royal would not eat without the other. So she would smile and she would wait, until all of the food had been divided, every crumb had been stored by the guards and the dragons off to find more honey. She stayed on her throne, an old stump filled with carvings, overseeing their land and awaiting the true queen’s return.

But it never happened before the sun was set; as it painted the sky with pinks and oranges, she would hear her mother call. “Soojung!” Her petite frame would come out from the hut, bathed in flickering lights from the oil lamp, “It will be dark soon, come now.”

She bid her kingdom goodnight and ran to set her eyes on yet another beloved face. She loved her mother, too. She loved her for the smile welcoming her back from the sun-scented adventures. She loved her for the smell of freshly cooked meal for that night’s dinner. And she loved her for the wistful eyes that watched her animated stories.

“The dragons harvested a lot of honey today,” she would report. “Will the queen return quickly if we gathered more?”

There would be a pause – sometimes long, sometimes short – but her mother would answer in always the same way, “Has your flowers bloomed, yet?”

“No,” her shoulders would slouch dejectedly but quickly straighten back up as she remembered, “It’s growing taller, though, and I saw two new buds! The one from yesterday also looked to be bigger.”

“Perhaps tomorrow, then.” Their smiles would mirror each other, both full of excitement and anticipation, though she was never sure if this really was the answer to her question.


I was inspired by the Jung sisters, Jessica (Sooyeon) and Krystal (Soojung). I adore these two beautiful, talented and successful ladies! You may find they are usually the muses for a lot of my works. Though I do write original stories with characters thought up in my head, I always find myself imagining them with the appearances or closely like the personality of Jessica and/or Krystal. #sistergoals

Short disclaimer, though! Of course, the pictures are not my own and I just played around and edited them for some inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this short drabble that I would like to expand on soon. If you liked it, check out my other Works in Progress here. Constructive criticism is always welcome!


From an inspired fan,


2 thoughts on “In the Works: Feyfolk #1

  1. I love this so much! You’re writing is GENUINELY so amazing and so good, I’m so excited to see how this story is going to continue! The way everything is envisioned in my head – its just so enchanting and beautiful. That collage at the end actually suits the story so much! This is such a lovely start to the story, can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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