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Daily Drabble #2 She Brings Misfortune

He couldn’t remember if it was good or bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. But, with great disdain, he stood at the side of the road, watched and waited until she crossed his.

The hotel front bathed in the sun, its glass doors, framed with glaring gold, glinted with every blink. An ostentatious two steps of red carpet settled in front, bright and ruddy on the pale grey pavement. Two potted plants, proud and neatly trimmed, stood on each side with as much inviting warmth as cobras with flared hoods. Light passed the windows and every figure inside were silhouetted like dark puppets behind a white canvas. His only focus was on one, strolling in circles purposefully.

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In the Works: Feyfolk #1


They were merry.
They were gay.
They danced circles around the night for during the day they could not play,
Not forever.

Soojung loved her sister. She loved her with her small hands speckled with dirt. She loved her with every wish she made to let time pass by. She loved her with every shoot of a plant that waved out of the ground. With every sprout of a stem, leaves in bundles and finally, – ever so slowly, so carefully – a bud of hope. Continue reading “In the Works: Feyfolk #1”