Works In Progress

Here are a few of the titles I’m currently working on – the few that I’m comfortable enough in showing anyway. I’d love to hear people’s opinions on them. Open for advice and constructive criticism!



I was inspired by the Jung sisters, Jessica (Sooyeon) and Krystal (Soojung). I adore these two beautiful, talented and successful ladies! You may find they are usually the muses for a lot of my works. Though I do write original stories with characters thought up in my head, I always find myself imagining them with the appearances or closely like the personality of Jessica and/or Krystal. #sistergoals
To check out the short drabble, click on the photo or click here.



Daily Drabbles

#1 Twinkling Pools: This was just an experiment using a prompt from The Daily Post. Today’s one word prompt was Twinkle and I was inspired by the dog I had in my childhood who was actually named Twinkle! I really didn’t know where this was going but I’m kind of proud. I will probably try some more daily prompts as I’ve enjoyed this one so much! Check out posts by other bloggers here.


#2 She Brings Misfortune: Inspired by, once again, Jessica Jung for being just an awesome lady. I bought her album – With Love, J – when it first came out and I was looking through the photobook for some inspiration and here this is! I actually really liked how this turned out and I might plan something bigger for this, though I’m not sure I’d post it here on my blog…